These are the terms of service that you agree to by registering and using the Privacy Tunnel services and website. It is only under these conditions that Privacy Tunnel allows users to use its service and website. IF YOU DO NOT AGREE TO ALL OF THESE TERMS, DO NOT USE THE SITE OR SERVICES.

Due to the nature of the Privacy Tunnel service, Privacy Tunnel does not provide any refunds. If you have any issues with our service, please contact support using the contact form or email at contact@Privacy Tunnel.com.

Privacy Tunnel is not a service to be used for criminal acts. It is an Internet security and privacy service. You accept not to violate any law of any jurisdiction that you are originating from. It is the user’s responsibility to know and comprehend any and all relevant laws related to any jurisdiction or venue that concerns you and your actions.

Criminal Activity – any customer who commits or engages in any criminal or illegal act, including but not limited to: illegal download or transfer of copyrighted material, use of stolen credit cards, credit card fraud, PayPal fraud, bank fraud, digital currency fraud, all other payment or money-related fraud, mail fraud, extortion, blackmail, kidnapping, rape, murder, sale of stolen credit cards, sale of stolen goods, sending email or operating websites to perform identity theft, hacking, pharming, phishing, spamming of any form on, in or through our service using our resources will have their account terminated and will continue to be legally liable for their actions.

You affirm that you are over the age of 18. You assume all responsibility for your use of, or access to or Site and its Services.

Privacy Tunnel will not be liable in any way, shape, or form for any actions, or results thereof, performed by its users including any criminal and civil liability for harm executed or not executed beyond any moneys paid to Privacy Tunnel for its services by an actual living and breathing individual.

Privacy Tunnel will not be liable in any way, shape, or form for any user data related to use of Privacy Tunnel services.

Privacy Tunnel, its owners, employees, affiliates, agents and others that are involved with Privacy Tunnel services are not in any way or form liable for any harm of any sort executed or not, direct or indirect, resulting from the use of any Privacy Tunnel service or its website.

Privacy Tunnel will never be liable for any monetary harm beyond what the client paid to Privacy Tunnel and this shall not include attorney fees or court costs irrespective of any laws or statues that may be treated otherwise.

You agree to guard your username/password and your Privacy Tunnel account from unauthorized usage.

You agree that you are solely responsible for every action performed through the use of the Privacy Tunnel site, any of its services, and your account.

You agree not to give or share your username, password, and access to your account with others.

You agree not to use our services for port scanning, sending spam, crawling websites, sending opt-in e-mail, scanning for open relays or open proxies, sending unsolicited e-mail or any version or type of e-mail sent in vast quantities even if the e-mail is sent through another server. It is forbidden to launch any pop-ups from our service.

You agree not to not hack or reverse engineer your Privacy Tunnel server(s), nor launch any denial of service attacks or similar acts causing disruptions of service to any other network, service, or computer while using our website and/or services.

Privacy Tunnel explicitly prohibits the exploitation of children photographically, digitally, or in any other way.

We do not control, and we are not responsible for third party content: any data, content, services, websites, or products (including software) that you access, download, receive or buy while using Privacy Tunnel Services. We are not a publisher of third-party content accessed through the Services and are not responsible for the content, accuracy, timeliness or delivery of any opinions, advice, statements, messages, services, graphics, data or any other information provided to or by third parties as accessible through the Service. This includes any viruses, trojans, or any other form of malware that may have been contracted through the use of this website or any Privacy Tunnel service.

This is the whole agreement. Privacy Tunnel may rewrite the terms of service from time to time. The terms of service become binding from the time it is updated at our website. It is responsibility of the client to check for the new Terms of Service once in a while.

Privacy Tunnel can terminate any user account for violating terms of service instantly without refund and notice or suspend the account until an investigation is able to take place.

We reserve the right, at our discretion, to change, modify, add, or remove portions of these terms at any time. Please check the terms periodically for changes. Your continued use of Privacy Tunnel services and/or its website site following the posting of changes to these terms will mean you accept those changes.