vpn service-featurePrivacy Tunnel helps you to bypass all restrictions and blocks and get 100% internet freedom. Your will get a US / EU IP address and all your personal data will be hidden in secure encrypted tunnel.vpn service-featurePrivacy Tunnel VPN encrypts your internet connection, protecting your data. It hides your true location allowing your online activities to be private and anonymous. It also tunnels through restrictive networks, enabling you to view blocked or region protected content.

Working in the background, Privacy Tunnel’s Virtual Private Network secure 100% of your internet. This includes everything running, with all traffic going through Privacy Tunnel VPN. This is great if you want everything secured, including your web browser, torrent clients, games you play, or anything else using your internet connection at all times.


High Speed VPN connection with multiple servers and locations
Many VPN service providers give you low speed connection. We provide a high speed VPN connection and no bandwidth limitations! Select the best VPN server from multiple locations.

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WiFi hotspots in coffee shops, paid wireless in hotels, public internet access and often even your home connection are NOT safe for your confidential data. With Privacy Tunnel, your connection and data are completely encrypted and cloaked. Students, travelers, or anyone regularly using public internet access benefit greatly by using Privacy Tunnel.


  Real Public IP address (DYNAMIC, NOT SHARED)  Real Public Static IP (DEDICATED)
privacy-tunnel-vpn-online-protectionUnlimited server switchingprivacy-tunnel-vpn-online-protectionUnlimited server switching
privacy-tunnel-vpn-online-protectionAll protocols (PPTP, L2TP, SSTP, OVPN)privacy-tunnel-vpn-online-protectionAll protocols (PPTP, L2TP, SSTP, OVPN)
privacy-tunnel-vpn-online-protection100% traffic encryptedprivacy-tunnel-vpn-online-protection100% traffic encrypted
privacy-tunnel-vpn-online-protectionBypass all restrictionsprivacy-tunnel-vpn-online-protectionReady for servers (WEB, FTP, RDP, GAME etc.)
privacy-tunnel-vpn-online-protectionPrivacy protectionprivacy-tunnel-vpn-online-protectionRemote Access from anywhere
privacy-tunnel-vpn-online-protectionThe lowest price - everything includedprivacy-tunnel-vpn-online-protectionThe lowest price - everything included
Real Public IP address
Real Public Static IP
$5.99 for 30 days
$14.99 for 90 days
$9.99 for 30 days
$27.99 for 90 days

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All accounts are activated instantly after payment has been confirmed. You will receive an email with password and username and easy to follow instructions. In case you did not receive your log in details within 10 minutes after payment has been confirmed, please check your spam folder and contact customer support.

No restrictions, No filters, No censorship

Protect your identity online and enjoy complete peace of mind with the leading VPN provider online.

Leading provider of anonymous & encrypted internet connections.

Unblock Your Internet
New IP Address
Unblock Your Internet
Access restricted sites in any country you stay. Unblock Skype, YouTube, VoIP and many other websites wherever you stay.
New IP Address
Get your own new United States or UK IP address. When you travel your internet will always stay the same.
Protect Yourself from Hackers
128bit encrypted internet connection. Protect your personal data from being stolen.
Fastest VPN Online
We are using military grade high performance servers with high speed Internet (Ethernet, T1) access.

Protect Your IdentityWhy use Privacy Tunnel?
privacy tunnel vpnWhenever you are online, your connection, the sites you visit, and any
program which accesses the internet, are vulnerable to misuse of information. Privacy Tunnel helps protect your identity while online by encrypting your internet connection, changing your IP address and mixing your traffic with that of thousands of other connections.
privacy tunnel vpnPrivacy Tunnel VPN manipulates your IP address enabling you to appear as though you are located somewhere other than you are. Download without revealing yourself and use search engines without having your personal information tracked and searches logged. Privacy Tunnel allows you to view restricted content.



Here’s why we are the leading VPN provider online

Customer Support
Our customer support agents are always on standby and ready to help or answer any questions.
Military Grade Encryption
Our VPN servers and connections encrypted/hashed and salted via MD5. Plus some other security measures that we can’t put on the web!
High Speed VPN
We invested a lot of money in our server infrastructure to offer one of the fastest VPN services online.
Easy To Setup
Unlike other VPN providers, with us you don’t have to install any software that could put your PC/MAC or mobile devices at risk. Setting up the VPN connection to our servers is extremely easy and convenient.
All Devices Supported
We support all devices, you can connect to our VPN network with your smart phone (Android/iPhone), tablet, PC or MAC.
Unlimited Traffic
All our VPN Plans come with unlimited data, so you don’t have worry when you are streaming videos or making video calls.

Many internet service providers around the world block some online services and websites like Skype, YouTube, Facebook Twitter, VoIP, BBC, Paypal, ebay etc.

Privacy Tunnel helps you to bypass all restrictions and blocks and get 100% internet freedom. All your personal data will be hidden in secure encrypted tunnel.